Therapeutic massages:

excellent for body and mind...


Why choose for a massage?

A massage stimulates blood flow in the muscles and waste products are removed from the muscles faster resulting in a faster recovery. Also, you can relax and just let go of the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Massages have a healing effect on the human body, resulting in relaxation. It also prevents and resolves problems caused by for example stress, bad posture, muscle strain and insomnia. A massage provides a positive effect: it makes the muscles more supple and the body can easier recover.

This summer also massage available at Scheveningen!

This summer you can also enjoy a massage at 3 Beachclubs (thursday till sunday, June till September, 11.00 - 17.00 hrs) in Scheveningen! Amar Massage will give chair-, table- and mat massages right at the beach...

Beachclub Bora Bora

Strandweg 29, Scheveningen

Beachclub De Karavaan

Zwarte Pad 64, 2586 JM Scheveningen

Beachclub Indigo

Strandweg 65, 2586 JL Scheveningen

“Massage has absolutely a positive effect on every medical condition"

Mercedes Amar